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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brass book Screws Brass Binder Sets Brass Book Binding Screws



We offer a wide array of Brass book Screws Brass Binder Sets Brass Book Binding Screws Brass Binding posts and male female Screws (with and with flutes /serrations) and Female Binding posts, Chicago screws also known as Intercrews and menu screws.Binding screws can be used for a wide variety of jobs. From binding loose sheets of paper to creating menus, brochures and swatches. Brass Screws Binding posts Chicago screws could be Simply punched or driled a 6mm hole (standard hole punch size) into your paper, insert the pillar then tighten the post.

Binding screws (interscews) , fluted binding Screws ,are ideal for making swatches, brochures, albums, menu's and point of sale products. They are simple to use - Punch a 6mm hole in the paper card or plastic -Insert the base through the hole and put in the screw. Easy to undo if you need to change anything. Screws fit a standard hole punch (6mm hole), approx diameter of screws approx 5.5mm and thehead diameter is 10mm. The binding screws are available in Nickel or Brass finish. Binding screw sizes are from 2mm to 50mm binding capacity

- See more at: http://www.brass-neutral-links.com/product/Brass-Book-Binding-Screws-Brass-Binding-Posts-Chicago-Screws.html 

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